gradonacelnik i kineziMayor of Dubrovnik Andro Vlahušić met with a high delegation of the People's Republic of China, led by Du Qinglin, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China and Republic of China Ambassador in Croatia HE Deng Ying.
They discussed further strengthening of relations between Croatian and Dubrovnik with China and the development of mutual cooperation in the field of culture, agriculture and trade. He stressed that Dubrovnik as a leading tourist and cruise center of Croatian is interested to establish direct airline Hainan Airlines with the People's Republic of China, especially Beijing and friendly city of Sanya. The initiative is

ambassador of china dubrovnikAmbassador of the People's Republic of China in Republic of Croatia, Deng Ying met with the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahušić where they discussed cooperation between the two countries especially in the fields of culture, economy and tourism. The Ambassador said that China and Croatia have long cherished friendly relations and successful partnership. It was agreed to organizations large exhibition of Chinese culture that will served as a meeting of Croatian and Chinese businessmen. Dubrovnik and the Chinese city of Sanya signed a memorandum of cooperation in 2013. and that completed the process of liaison. They also discussed the possibility of establishing direct air route from Beijing to Dubrovnik. With this airline, from Beijing, the City of Dubrovnik will become the entrance to Europe for a large market of the Far East. Mayor Vlahušić with Ambassador Ying also talked about the development of the economy, especially the presentation of the export of local products such as wine, oil and farm products in a friendly Sanyu and other Chinese cities.

chinese language courseEvery year more and more tourists from China visit Dubrovnik. According to the statistics of Dubrovnik Tourist Board in 2014. Dubrovnik visited 8,532 Chinese nationals. So, that is one reason why Confucius Institute at the University of Zagreb organize a free course of Chinese language in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is here proved to be a good choice, because there is a great interest of Chinese nationals when they come to Croatia to visit just Dubrovnik, and also people from Dubrovnik

were delighted by course of Chinese language. Given such a large number of tourists from China, the Chinese language will be all the more necessary, either because of the tourist groups that come along with their guides, whether the owners of catering and accommodation facilities need to know at least to say hello in Chinese and provide guests with the basic service.