The sole act of wedding and all the efforts put around organizing it can be very stressful for the bride and the groom. That’s where the honeymoon kicks in – after all the wedding craze is gone, you can finally take all the
worries of your mind, hop on a plane and have the time just for the two of you. Our vision of a perfect honeymoon is all about relaxation – nature, culture, food and wine. With more than thousand islands and the cleanest sea in
the Mediterranean, hundreds of castles, 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites, rich folklore heritage, diverse and luscious gastronomy and many indigenous wine varieties, Croatia is simply a perfect choice for an amazing
honeymoon. We, of course, suggest you to choose Croatia’s crown jewel, the City of Dubrovnik, since it is eternally romantic and the richness of its
surroundings is extremely enjoyable and worthwhile exploring. Same as with weddings, our team firmly believes that honeymoons are highly individual matter and that is why we don’t offer packaged deals.
Simply contact our professional team with all your requests and let us create an unforgettable honeymoon.

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